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"Working with Taralan allows me to make crop production plans earlier and in more detail than before. This helps me when I line up inputs and financing. Taralan has pointed out problems I have had in my cultural practices and offered solutions.”




Producers who recognize the tremendous impact of higher, more consistent yields on profitability also understand the importance of timely, accurate decision making.

In today’s complex, competitive and fast paced world of agribusiness, more and more top producers rely on specialists to help them manage various aspects of their ag operations to optimize revenues and control costs.

For over thirty five years, Taralan professionals have helped farmers increase their yields, crop quality and profit by improving the timeliness and accuracy of their production decisions and practices.

Taralan’s professionals have the expertise to help you develop and implement crop production strategies and practices to achieve your near and long term goals. Taralan sells no products and has only your success as our goal.

“Insanity – repeating the same process and expecting different results.

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