Better tools for better performance


GPS guided yield monitors and soil samples indicate significant variability in many fields, but most fertility recommendations rely too heavily on averages and generalities to address these variations, depressing yields and wasting inputs.

"By looking at the fertility needs of each field individually, Taralan helps me use fertilizer more efficiently in my corn and alfalfa production. The result is more yield per fertilizer dollar invested"



The key to higher and more consistent yield and profit is more precise tailoring of inputs and practices to field-specific conditions.

Taralan’s proprietary MultiFactor System™ combines findings from decades of research on thousands of fields to precisely analyze and interpret the various crop, climate, soil and cultural practice factors that impact yields.  It provides a finely tuned production plan to unlock more yield potential in each field or management zone.

For over 35 years, Taralan has used and continually refined this highly sophisticated tool to help thousands of producers increase their crop yields, quality and profits, and use their inputs and time more efficiently.

Does your production planning process include enough detail and science to increase your yields and profits?

"Doing lots of little things better can yield big results."